tiny harvest


Nina Andersson:
Nina was born in 1983 on the east coast of Sweden in Kalmar. Already as a very young little girl she often became an eye catcher with her soft voice full with feeling. At the age of six she started to dance at a local dance school (Dansinstitutet). When she was eleven she won the Swedish championship in a discipline called disco freestyle. Her roll in Tiny Harvest is to be the lead singer and also arrange the music and choiers. Since 2006 she lives in Stockholm, Sweden where she works as a singer and a part time waitress

Peter Glyt:
Peter was born 1966 in Kalmar Sweden. He had a great interest in football and music. At the age of 17 he decided to go all in with the music. He has recorded 6 albums in his own name, all in Swedish. In Tiny Harvest his roll is to compose, produce and play the guitar. Since 2007 he lives in Madrid, Spain where he wors with music and events.

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